Hifz and Nazra Quran

Hifz and Nazra Quran

MaarfulQuran offers Hifz and Nazra Quran classes for boys and girls of all ages. Our teachers are highly qualified and have experience of teaching students online.

Nazra Course

Nazra class is the basic course for beginners who have no prior knowledge of arabic reading, pronunciation and how letters are joined to form words. We guide our students from Qaida (Learning Alphabets and word formation) to Quran. This course also includes basic Dua’s, Hadith, Namaz and memorization of last ten surah.

Hifz Course

Hifz course is basically the course of memorizing Holy Quran. This course includes learning of all the contents which are mentioned in Nazra Course. This is more detailed course in which a student learns the basics and then starts the journey of memorizing whole Quran. Our method of Hifz is different and far more better than other institutes as we teach our students translation and summary of every Surah with a slight overview.

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