“قرآن سیکھیں اور دوسروں کو سکھائیں”

~ Al-Quran

Online Quran Classes for Kids

The right time to start learning anything is from early age. At young age kids can learn new things and it remains in their minds throughout their lives. Children are excellent at memorizing information as compared to adults. So the best time to enroll your kids for online Quran lessons is when they are young, if possible at the age of five years.

The teachings of Quran and related instructions show us right path, which leads us to prosperous and peaceful life. Encouraging your students to join online Quran classes at early age will help them learn and understand actual beliefs of Islam.

Online Quran Classes for Adults

There is no limit of age to join online Quran classes. You can join our various courses: (a) Reading Quran (b) Translation (c) Tafseer to have better understanding of Islam.   


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